regarding the purchase and use of Ryoko devices and Viaota mobile internet services and use of websites

Thank you for visiting our websites https://getryoko.com/, https://muamaryoko.com/, https://ryokowifi.com/, https://ryoko4g.com/ and/or https://muama.com/ (hereinafter – “Website”). It is very important that you would take your time to get acquainted with these Terms of Service (hereinafter – “Terms”), as whenever you buy anything on the Website these Terms shall become legally binding and will act as an agreement between you (hereinafter – “User”, “You” or “Customer”) and us.

If you are not acquainted with, do not agree, do not understand, or are not in par with the provisions of these Terms, please do not buy anything on the Website. You will be requested to confirm that you agree with these Terms whenever you will make a purchase on the Website – we urge you to be responsible and only proceed with your purchase if you have read and understood the provisions of these Terms.  

  1. MUAMA, Ryoko, and Viaota (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”, We”, “Us”, “Our”) are trading brand names used and operated by a business entity UAB “Ekomlita”, which is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Lithuania (company reg. No. 305049890) with a registered office address at Gedimino g. 45-7, Kaunas, Lithuania. Whenever you will buying anything on the Website you will be entering into a contractual relationship with Us and this contractual relationship shall be bound and determined by these Terms and applicable laws.
  2. Please be noted that all purchases of any goods that You will buy on the Website will be sent to You from one of our fulfilment centres, which address will not match our office address. If you want to return a product – please do not send it to our office address as we will not be able to accept it. All returns should be sent to our fulfilment centres – for more detailed information about returns please see Our Return Policy.  
  3. Most of our fulfilment centres are located in China, thus depending on the laws applicable in the country of your residence, your purchased products might be subject to import duties, sales or VAT tax, and/or other taxes.
  1. Our Website is dedicated to selling Ryoko consumer electronic goods (hereinafter – “Goods”) and Viaota mobile internet services (hereinafter – “Services”).
  2. All of our Goods are designed and manufactured in accordance with all EU requirements, applicable to these types of electronic devices, and all Goods are bearing "CE" marking confirming compliance with the applicable laws.
  3. Please be noted that the Goods or Services available for purchase on the Website are not designed or intended to be used by children. Please do not give the Goods or Services you purchase on our Websites to minors without Your attendance.
  4. Please make sure that you have carefully read the descriptions of the main properties of the Goods and Services that you wish to acquire from Us, before placing your purchase request on the Website.

MUAMA Ryoko – Portable wireless Wifi 4G Router

  1. MUAMA Ryoko portable wireless wifi 4g router (hereinafter – “Ryoko”) is an electronic device designed to be used as a portable wifi router or portable internet hotspot to which you can connect up to 10 devices at one time. You can use Ryoko as a wifi router to transmit an internet connection to any other device that has wifi connection capabilities. In order to use all functionalities of the Ryoko device, you must install a SIM card with internet connectivity to the device.
  2. All Ryoko devices purchased from Us will come with a prepaid Viaota SIM card capable of a 4G internet connection. Each Viaota SIM card that comes with the Ryoko device will have a limited amount of data (500 megabytes) prepaid in the card. Once You use out all of the prepaid megabytes that come with the SIM card, you can either top up the card and continue using the same SIM card or You can use any other SIM card that has 4G connection capabilities.
  3. Ryoko will work with any SIM card that has a 4G connection, however, please be noted that not all operators' SIM cards work in all countries. The SIM card that You will receive preinstalled with your purchased Ryoko device will only work in Europe. If you want to use Ryoko in countries outside of Europe You can do that by acquiring and using any other SIM card that would be compatible with the broadband network of your chosen country.
  4. In order to activate the SIM card that is provided with the Ryoko device, You will need to use your smartphone or tablet. You will find more detailed guidance on how to activate Your Ryoko SIM card on the manual that we provide together with Ryoko. Please be noted, that you won’t be able to activate the SIM card that comes together with the Ryoko device if you don’t have a working smartphone or tablet. You will need to install the Ryoko SIM card to your other device (smartphone, tablet) and download an app for activating your SIM card with 4G connectivity.  
  5. Ryoko is an electronic device containing a lithium battery, so it will require charging from time to time. The battery life of Ryoko will be dependable on the intensity of the use of the device. Together with Ryoko, you will receive a USB cable for charging the device. Please be noted that the use of inappropriate charging cables might result in battery failure or decreased battery life.

Other MUAMA Ryoko products

  1. You can also buy Accessories for Ryoko devices on our Website, such as:
  1. Universal charger travel adapter;
  2. Travel accessories organizer;
  3. Charging cables.
  1. The above-described accessories are compatible with Ryoko devices. Please be noted that the use of other accessories that you purchase from other vendors may not be compatible with Ryoko devices, thus we can’t guarantee that your purchased Goods will not be damaged if you use accessories that You buy from other vendors.

Viaota Mobile Internet Services

  1. You can purchase Viaota mobile internet Services as a standalone service if you purchase a Viaota SIM card from Us, and/or you will be provided with a Viaota SIM card and Services whenever you will purchase a Ryoko portable wireless Wifi 4G Router. You can find the most up-to-date information about Viaota Services, Service plans, and other latest information by visiting the Viaota website at https://viaota.com/.  
  2. To start using Viaota mobile internet Services you must activate the Viaota SIM card that will be provided to you after the purchase. The Viaota SIM card must be activated within two months from receiving unless a longer activation date would be specified on the package of the Viaota SIM card. If you fail to activate your Viaota SIM card within the specified time, the card will be automatically deactivated without the possibility to activate the same card again and you will need to order a new Viaota SIM card (subject to additional fees) in order to use the mobile internet Services.  
  3. The mobile internet Services will become available to You once you activate the Viaota SIM card. Detailed instructions on how to activate your Viaota SIM card will be provided together with the Viaota SIM card package. Once the Viaota SIM card is activated, you will be able to use the Services immediately but not later than within 48 hours after the activation is complete. If you are having any issues with the activation of your Viaota SIM card or trouble with using the Services, please contact our customer support.
  4. The Services are provided and charged in accordance with the prices and tariffs indicated on the Website unless otherwise stated on the specific purchase page on which you have made your purchase. Currently, we are offering three Service plans:
Plan Name Standard Package Advanced Package Executive Package
Data per month 3 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Territories where Services are available
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Russia
  • USA
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Russia
  • USA
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Russia
  • USA
Extras - Free data for Facebook and Instagram Free data for social networks, email, news
  • €49,97/month
  • €14,99/month
  • €76,63/month
  • €22,99/month
  • €130,00/month
  • €39,00/month

        Please be noted that if you receive your Viaota SIM card in a bundle together with your Ryoko device, then your Viaota SIM card will come prepaid with 500 megabytes of data that will be available for you for 30 days from activation of the SIM card. Once you run out of mobile data, you can always contact Our customer support and order one of the above-specified Services packages for your Viaota SIM card.

  1. If you order a Viaota Service plan you will be billed monthly for your subscribed plan. The monthly subscription fee will be withdrawn from your credit or debit card which you will provide upon placing your order on the Website.
  2. Whenever you will reach or exceed your data usage limits your Services shall be restricted until the next recurring payment is received. You can change your Services plan to the one that provides more data anytime.
  3. If We are unable to charge your credit/debit card for your chosen Service plan, we will limit your access to Services until the payment is received. If you do not pay for your subscribed plan for more than 3 months (90 days) your Viaota SIM card might be suspended. If you wish to activate your suspended Viaota SIM card, additional reactivation fees might apply. If you don’t use your Viaota SIM card and do not pay the Service fees for more than 6 months (180 days), your Viaota SIM card will be irrevocably canceled without the possibility to reactivate.
  4. Viaota ensures that the quality of the Services will comply with the requirements established for such services in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union. Viaota shall not bear responsibilities for the quality of services if you would use mobile internet devices that do not meet the requirements established by the European Union and/or the USA and have no “EC” or “FC” marking; as well as devices that do not technically support the services provided by Viaota, hinder the use of Viaota services purchased by the user due to technical or other reasons (failures, etc.), as well as illegally purchased mobile devices or devices that have illegally changed identification code.
  5. Viaota Services is intended for personal use only, therefore all use of Services for industrial or commercial purposes, save for the user's professional needs, are considered unfair. The uploading or downloading of unreasonably high volumes of data, which is not in line with the normal consumption habits of an average consumer and is not similar to the rational use of services for personal needs, is also considered as unfair use of Services. If We have any reason to believe that the User uses the Services unfairly, we reserve the right to restrict such use of Services by restricting your Services, implementing preventative measures, such as, reducing internet speed, reducing services uptime, or under extraordinary circumstances – terminating the Services. We will never imply any restrictions without justifiable and evidence-based reasons.
  6. If due to Viaota's fault the consumer was not able to use Services or if the user were incorrectly charged, Viaota undertakes to provide the user with Services that he/she was not able to use, extend the term of Services, or, in case of incorrect charging, reimburse the relevant amounts by transferring it to the Viaota Card account. Viaota holds information about the Services provided to the user and the top-ups made by the user for no longer than 6 months from the date of the event, therefore user's claims with regards to the provided services and payments are accepted only if given to Viaota not later than 6 months after the event, on which the claim is provided, occurred.
  7. If you decide to terminate your Viaota account, the unused amounts are not exchanged for cash, are not refunded to the user, and are not transferred. If you decide to terminate please contact our customer support. Once you provide a request to terminate Services, you will still be able to use the Services for the month for which you have paid, as the termination will become effective once the paid-up month ends.
  8. Viaota has the right to cancel the Services without a refund in cases when the user abuses the Services by using Services for other profit or commercial purposes.
  9. Viaota guarantees that its Services will be available 95% of the time. Technical maintenance is not included in the remaining percentages. All service disruptions in the Viaota network are eliminated within one business day as soon as a failure message is received.  
  1. Please be noted that our Goods and Services are not designed for industrial or commercial use and are provided for personal use only.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel your purchase and reject any payments that you make on the Website if we have reasonable ground to believe that:  
  1. You are buying our Goods of Services for industrial or commercial use (including reselling or renting);  
  2. You are using the Services unfairly;
  3. You are below the legal age applicable in your country for the conclusion of distant agreements or use of Goods or Services;
  4. You have not read these Terms.
  1. By agreeing to these Terms and making a purchase on Our Website you confirm to Us, that:
  1. You are above the legal age applicable in your country for entering into any purchase agreements;
  2. Your provided contact, billing, and shipping information is true and correct;
  3. You are paying for the product with the credit card that belongs to you or the owner of the credit card has authorized you to use the card and such authorizations were issued in a form which is required in your place of residence;
  4. You are purchasing the products for personal use only.
  1. Once you have placed your order on the Website and made the payment, we will process your order within 1-3 business days. After your order is processed you should receive the shipment within 30 calendar days.
  2. Please be noted that:
  1. the shipping terms may be affected by customs, natural occurrences, transfers to the local carrier in your country, or air and ground transportation strikes or delays. We will be not responsible for delays if the shipment will be delayed due to the aforementioned reasons.
  2. once Your order has been processed we will not be able to accept any changes to Your order. If You have changed your mind regarding the purchase after your purchase is processed, you can return your goods and get a refund in accordance with our returns policy below and https://getryoko.com/return;      
  1. All products purchased on Our Website will be delivered to You by EMS or DHL mail. We will send you your purchased Viaota Card from our fulfilment centres from Lithuania, China, the USA, or others, depending on your place of residence and the availability in our fulfilment centres. After we finish processing your order we will send you a confirmation letter containing your shipment tracking number. You can track your order online anytime by visiting https://www.17track.net/ or https://getryoko.com/tracking.
  2. In case you do not receive your purchase within 30 calendar days, please report to our customer support. Please be noted, that in accordance with Article 18(2) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, if You do not receive your purchase within 30 days, you must contact us and inform Us about an acceptable additional period of time upon which we will deliver Your purchase. You shall be entitled to terminate the purchase only if We have failed to deliver your purchase within the additional time limit. Please be noted, that you can not claim to not have received the purchased goods if the rules set out in this provision are not followed.

Returning Ryoko

  1. If you are unhappy with your purchased Goods you may return them and get a full refund within 30 days period from the delivery date. The 30-day return term will expire after 30 days from the day on which You, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by You, acquires physical possession of the purchased Goods.
  2. To exercise the right to withdraw and return your purchased Goods, You must contact our support team via [email protected]. After you contact our support team, you will be provided with a return code and return address – please be noted that we will only accept returning Goods that will be sent with the provided return code and delivered to the provided return address.
  3. To meet the withdrawal deadline (30 days), it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning the returning Goods before the withdrawal period expires. We won’t accept returns if you fail to contact Us within the withdrawal deadline (30 days from receiving the purchase).
  4. If you withdraw from this contract, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you, without undue delay and in any event not later than within 14 days from the day on which we receive the returning goods from you. We will make the refund by using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction.
  5. If you have made your purchase from outside of the European Union or if you decide to return the product after 14 days but not later than within 30 days from receiving the goods, we will apply a restocking fee for all returned goods, which will be deducted from the total amount of the refund. The restocking fee will be equal to 15% of the total value of the returned goods.  
  6. Please be noted that we will only accept the returned Goods if it was not used, damaged and sent back to us in the original package. If we determine that the returned products were used but still in an operable and re-sellable condition, we might still make a refund to you, but You will be liable for any diminished value of the Goods resulting from handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods. Thus, if we found that the returned product was used, we might deduct the diminished value from the refundable amount.
  7. Please be noted that if You want to return the Goods bought on the Website You will have to cover the shipping costs which will not be compensated by Us.
  8. Please be noted that we will only accept returned products and make a refund for them if they will be returned to the address provided by Our customer support and will have the return merchandise authorization code placed on the returning shipment. Please do not send any returning products to our office address as we won’t be able to accept them.

Withdrawal of Viaota Services

  1. If you decide to withdraw from Viaota Services, you may do that at any time by contacting our customer support team via email [email protected]. Your request to withdraw from Services shall become effective after the month, during which the request to withdraw is provided to Us. We will not make any refunds for the month during which the request to withdraw was provided or for any previous months, but we will stop recurring fees for Viaota Services.    
  2. Since Viaota Services are provided in digital form only We will not issue any refunds for the periods during which you were granted with the ability to use Viaota mobile internet Services.
  1. Prices for Goods and Services displayed on the Website might be subject to change. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue further sales of any Goods or Services. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuance of the sale of products.
  2. All prices displayed on the Website are inclusive of international shipping costs and taxes. However, please be noted that Consumers from different countries may see product prices that would be slightly different – the prices may be affected by the Value Added Tax ("VAT”) which would or would not be applicable depending on each case.
  3. We will never include VAT in the purchase price of Goods and will not ask you to pay the VAT if:
  1. VAT is not applicable in the country which you indicated for shipping;


  1. Your requested product will be shipped to You from our fulfilment centre outside of European Union.  
  1. Please be noted that in cases defined in Clause 6.3. (b) above, your shipment may be subject to charges by your local authorities (customs). However, you will never be double charged with VAT as we won’t ask you to pay VAT if your requested product will be sent from China.
  2. In cases when VAT is applicable in your country and your requested product is located in our EU fulfilment centre VAT shall be included in the product price displayed to you in the order form.
  3. Please be noted that we will never apply any conversion rates or charges dependable to your chosen payment method. However, some banks apply conversion rates for outgoing payments and international transfers – thus, we are not responsible for any bank fees or conversion rates that your bank would apply for any payment made to Us. If you notice any differences between the product prices on Our Website or purchase receipt and Your bank account statement, please refer to your bank for a detailed explanation of the additional charges.    

Viaota Services Billing

  1. You will be charged for Viaota Services each month. Each payment shall cover the following month of Services. If you decide to stop using the Services we will not give you a refund for the already prepaid months of Service and you will be able to continue using the Services until the following month.
  2. We reserve the right to unilaterally change the prices for Services and the payment procedure, if market conditions or legal acts regulating the market change, as well as on other objective grounds, after notifying the users in advance, and about the change of Service provision conditions, increase of standard prices and/or prices not later than 30 (thirty) days before the date of change by sending an email and/or by providing such information on the Website and giving notice to the user.
  1. All of our Goods sold on the Website are provided with a standard 2 (two) year warranty which is included in the price displayed to you when making the order on the Website. You can also purchase an extended warranty for your product for an additional charge. Buying an additional warranty will provide you the same benefits as a regular warranty for an extended period.
  2. The warranty will cover any defects presumed to have existed at the time of delivery and which become apparent within a period of the warranty term. If during the warranty period any defects would occur we will provide You with one of the following remedies free of any charge:        
  1. We will repair the product if repair is possible;


  1. We will change your purchased product to a new product if repair is impossible. Please be noted, that your product might be changed to a newer model, of not less value, of the same product, if the model that you have purchased would no longer be in production.
  1. Please be noted that the warranty shall not apply if the defect could not be qualified as a factory defect, thus we will not change or repair your product for free if the defect was determined by external factors such as inappropriate use or physical damage.
  2. All products for warranty should be sent to Our returns delivery address, provided in Section 4.5. of these Terms.
  4. We made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of all products sold on the Website. However, We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s display of any color will be accurate as well as that any displayment of any product on the Website will accurately reflect the actual properties of the product that You can purchase on the Website.  


  1. We take necessary precautions and follow industry best practices as well as all requirements set by applicable laws to protect Your personal information from being inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.
  2. The Provider ensures that all personal data shall be collected and processed in accordance with all applicable laws. To find out more about how we use and process personal data please read our Privacy Policy.  
  3. Please be noted that we may contact you via phone or email if we need to confirm any details of your order or if your order request was not processed successfully due to technical matters, or if we need to contact you for other reasons. We might send you a text message or email with a reminder to carry out necessary actions.
  1. All Intellectual Property displayed on the Website or provided to You in any other form is protected by law. You may not copy, repurpose or distribute any Intellectual Property or any other content received from Us or found on the Website, including images, trademarks, video materials, copyrights or any other content for any purpose, without our express written permission.
  1. These Terms have been construed in accordance with EU laws regulating consumer rights. These Terms and the entire legal relation between you and us shall be subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania, except in cases if the consumer relations regulating laws would set a specific applicable law or jurisdiction.
  2. If the You would have any complaints please contact our support team before making an official complaint to any authority or third party. You may contact Us at any time by sending an email to our support team: [email protected]. We will always put our best efforts to settle any complaints as fast as possible and in a way which would be most favorable to You.
  3. If we are unable to reach an amicable settlement with You or if you have any other complaints about our goods or services, You may submit a request or complaint regarding your purchase to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (SCRPA) of the Lithuanian Republic (address Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius, Lithuania, email: [email protected], telephone 8 5 262 67 51, fax 8 5 279 14 66, website www.vvtat.lt) or you can also contact any territorial division of the SCRPA or fill out a request/complaint form on the EGS platform at http://ec.europa.eu/odr. You also have the right to appeal to a court of the Republic of Lithuania (according to the headquarters of the Provider) or other institutions considering consumer disputes in the out-of-court procedure.
  1. If any provision of these Terms is determined to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and the unenforceable portion shall be deemed to be severed from these terms of service, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions.
  2. You can review the most current version of the terms of service at any time on this page. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these terms of service by posting updates and changes to our website.
  3. These Terms and the Privacy Policy (as each may be revised and amended from time to time according to their respective terms) collectively constitute the entire agreement between You and Us.
  1. You can contact us by the following details:

Email - [email protected]

Phone - +1 (916) 999-9025